Oil Analysis

hydraulic oil analysis

In both Hydraulic and Lubrication systems, knowing the particulate cleanliness and water content data can prevent serious system failure and component damage. Traditionally, samples are taken and sent off to laboratories for analysis, often an expensive and time consuming practice. The new Particle Pal Life enables engineers to assess their oil’s condition quickly including an indication of the remaining life of their oil.

Hydratech have made heavy investment into this oil life technology and are working with many companies in the area to improve machine reliability and increase service life.

The Particle Pal equipment is a self-contained portable measuring system gives real time ISO Cleanliness Readings, Water Content and Oil Condition information for over 500 commonly used oils.

It provides incredible insight into the health of your oil, in real time, helping engineers make informed choices with regards to oil replacement or treatment planning.

oil analysis


For detailed product information and data sheets, please download the Partical Pal Life Catalogue.